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GS/ServiceDesk is a complete customer service solution
for HCL Notes/Domino and the Web.

Design Philosophy

Make it fast and keep it simple. Use the best features of the Notes/Domino platform and, equally important, know what to avoid. Make it easy to maintain and extend.

GS/ServiceDesk Features and Benefits

- Automatic conversion of email to service requests. Automatic linking of user replies to existing service requests. One-button conversion of personal inbox emails to service requests.

- Automatic conversion of web requests to service requests.

- Broadcast Email capability with full filtering on any combination of fields.

- Requests can be acknowledged and closed from any mail client on any device.

- Scroll & Click to log a new request - the fastest, most intuitive call logging interface. Puts the customer rep in control and shows prior history without additional keystrokes or clicks.

- Full-featured Defect Tracking (Quality Assurance) database including separate statistics report and escalation agents. Link multiple customer help requests to a single defect report.

- Product License tracking and Support Contract renewal reminders.

- Separate Company/Organization, Person and Product forms - an enterprise-strength architecture that separates GS/ServiceDesk from the flat-file bantamweights.

- Separate elapsed time and business-hours tracking. Additional time tracking and billing fields.

- Multiple escalation levels and high-performance LotusScript agents.

- Account status popup alerts support analyst to expired support agreements or other issues before logging new service requests.

- Optional chargeback module for outsourced or multi-company support organizations. Supports fixed price and per-call pricing. Allows multiple support contracts per customer.

- RSS feed support.

- Automatic customer satisfaction survey via email with adjustable sampling frequency and opt-out features.

- Archive database and archiving agent.

- Standard agent-driven reports, point-and-click export to spreadsheets and enhanced reporting using market-leading third-party analytic tools.

- "My Assignments" view shows reps all items assigned to them and the acknowledgment status.

- Separate staff document and staff timesheets.

Knowledge Management

- Search knowledge base directly from an open ticket and copy the resolution with a single click.

- Search across multiple databases.

- Self-building from closed tickets, with nominate/approve workflow.

- Adjustable access at the document level - internal use only, partners, customers.

Customer Portal and Self-Help Features

- Submit problem report via email or Web portal.

- Check status of problem reports.

- Knowledge base with full-text search.

- Searchable FAQ with "top ten" list.

- Downloadable files repository.

- Customer feedback form.

Technician Web Browser Interface

- Technician can set opening page layout preference.

- Allows multi-database search - active tickets, QA, archive, knowledge base, etc.

- Type-To-Search customer lookup.

System Requirements

- Notes/Domino 6.5 or later.

- Runs on all server platforms supported by HCL Domino including iSeries, Linux and Windows.

Licensing Terms

- GS/ServiceDesk is licensed on a per-technician (named user) model.

- No additional licenses required for customer self-help access.

- Source code included.

- Site and enterprise licensing available.

Education, Installation and Customization Services

We can provide on-site training and installation assistance.

GroupSoft Systems can also provide a full range of consulting and customization services including:

- workflow analysis
- project planning
- data conversion
- system integration

We work closely with the internal IT resources of your organization, providing as much or as little support as needed.

GS/ServiceDesk vs. Homegrown Solutions

The customer service application is deceptively complex and mission-critical, yet it is often used as a training project for new Notes developers, sometimes using "free" templates. The common outcome:

- original developer is no longer available for enhancements

- performance problems

- the application lags upgrades to Notes

- support staff distracted from their primary mission

- actual cost higher than licensing

Customizing GS/ServiceDesk is a great alternative to "rolling-your-own". We've designed the system for easy modification and we provide customization guidelines in the documentation. You start with a solid code foundation and the backing of GroupSoft Systems, an organization dedicated to providing consulting and support services for the help desk and customer support functions. Better yet, let us customize GS/ServiceDesk for you so you can focus on your customers.

Request an evaluation copy sent via email.

At GroupSoft we focus exclusively on help desk and customer service applications for HCL Notes, HCL Domino and the web.

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