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GS/HelpDesk tm is a complete internal IT service management solution
for HCL Notes/Domino with support for the Notes client, desktop browser and mobile devices.

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Design Philosophy

GS/HelpDesk was engineered to be lean and efficient. It was designed by the people who actually use it - real help desk technicians. Forms load fast. The important information is visible without a lot of clicking and scrolling. You can quickly complete the ticket and move on to the next item.

Good help desk systems require more than a database and a GUI. The help desk application is a workflow system and GS/HelpDesk leverages the best workflow development platform: HCL Notes and Domino.

GS/HelpDesk Features

- GS/HelpDesk supports the three most commonly implemented ITIL® service support processes: Incident Management, Problem Management and Change Management.

- Create, update and close incidents using mobile interface for iPhone and Android. Powered by XPages. Click here for screenshot.

- Acknowledge, update and close requests via email from any device.

- Archiving and data loading agents.

- "My Assignments" view - shows only your open items.

- Send email acknowledgment to customer manually or automatically.

- Email templates with field-merge from incident.

- Technicians can select the best opening screen for their role.

- Help desk staff profiles includes training and certification data.

- Automatic assignment to specific person or group based on request category/class.

- Automatic priority assignment based on problem category/class.

- Automatic assignment based on agent availability and number of open items (load-balancing).

- Tracks time-to-acknowledge and time-to-close as separate items. Option to calculate based on business hours or 24-hour days.

Why you should not consider a call tracking system that does not track the acknowledge event.

- Automatic customer satisfaction survey via email, with adjustable sampling frequency and opt-out features.

- Multiple escalation levels tied to priority level. Email recipients can be selected by problem category or support hierarchy.

- Four predefined workflow functions are provided with a single click: Move/Add/Change Request, Hardware Requisition, Software Requisition and Telecom Requisition. Multiple approval levels.

- MetaRequest (tm) defines and tracks common multi-step tasks (e.g. terminations, new hires) using separate tickets linked to a master ticket with status notification to process owner.

- Action History provides a complete time-stamped audit trail of activity including changes to critical fields.

- Fast Close (two-click open/close) feature encourages techs to log all requests, giving you a more accurate picture of help desk activity.

- Table-driven picklist fields for easy customization.

- Pop-up window shows help desk Service Level Agreement definitions and goals.

- RSS feed.

- Project management module with subtasks and task dependencies.

Reports and Charts

- Agent-driven Daily, Weekly and Monthly statistics reports with breakdowns by team/group. Provides an hourly breakdown of items opened and closed. Report includes same-day-closed, open items aging, closed-within-SLA, escalations and more. Allows you to track volume trends over time, even after the underlying documents have been archived or deleted.

- Dashboard graphical displays of daily, weekly and monthly summaries.

- Supports reporting directly from any ODBC-enabled application including Excel.

- Point-and-click export feature with filters by date and status. Exports to CSV or directly to Excel.

- Ships with a full complement of views designed for the technician and the help desk manager. This is supplemented by the built-in full text search capabilities provided by Notes, including the option to save and reuse complex search expressions.

Asset Management

- Separate forms for configured systems/servers, individual hardware components and software licenses.

- Fields to track virtual and clustered servers.

- Can be linked to agent-based asset inventory tools for automatic loading and updating.

- Link asset to user by asset tag or user name. One-to-many and many-to-one relationships supported. Audit trail tracks reassignment of asset.

- Enter bulk purchases into Assets database with a single button.

- Asset repair form tracks on-site and depot repairs.

- Vendor database.

Knowledge Management

- Search knowledge base directly from open ticket and copy resolution with single click.

- Search across multiple databases.

- Self-building from closed tickets, with nominate/approve workflow.

- Manual entry with draft/approve workflow.

- Adjustable access control at the document level.

- Five-star rating system.

Employee Self-Help Features

- Submit problem report via email or intranet.

- Check status of problem reports.

- Knowledge base with full-text search.

- Searchable FAQ with "top rated" list.

- Downloadable files repository.

- Customer feedback form.

- Notes, browser and XPages interfaces.

Technician Web Browser Interface

- Allows multi-database search - active tickets, archive, knowledge base, etc.

- Define links to external support sites.

- Distribute support center news to all technicians.

- First-letter-typed jump on most views.

System Requirements

- Notes/Domino 6.5 or later.

- Runs on all server platforms supported by Lotus Domino including iSeries, Linux and Windows.

Licensing Terms

- GS/HelpDesk is licensed on a per-technician (named user) model.

- No license required for end-user (employee) self-help access.

- Source code included.

- Site licensing available.

- All modules and features included for one price. No add-ons. No surprises.

Training, Installation and Customization Services

We can provide on-site training and installation assistance.

GroupSoft Systems can also provide a full range of consulting and customization services including:

- workflow analysis
- project planning
- data migration

We work closely with the internal IT resources of your organization, providing as much or as little support as needed.

GS/HelpDesk vs. Homegrown Solutions

The help desk application is deceptively complex and mission-critical, yet it is often used as a training project for new Notes developers, sometimes using "free" templates. The common outcome:

- original developer is no longer available to maintain application

- performance problems

- the application lags upgrades to Notes

- support staff distracted from their primary mission

- actual cost higher than licensing

Customizing GS/HelpDesk is a great alternative to "rolling-your-own". We've designed the system for easy modification and we provide customization guidelines in the documentation. You start with a solid code foundation and the backing of GroupSoft Systems, an organization dedicated to providing consulting and support services for the help desk and customer support functions. Better yet, let us customize GS/HelpDesk for you so you can focus on your customers.

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