Importance of Tracking the Acknowledge Event

Every call tracking system that we've seen records the date/time when the item is closed. Our products, for example, have two levels of escalation that are triggered when a request hasn't been closed within a predefined interval. That's nice, but it's not enough.

Because when you think about it, this is setting you up to miss your Service Level Agreement goal... you need an early warning system so that you can manage proactively. So GroupSoft HelpDesk and GroupSoft ServiceDesk also monitor whether an item has been acknowledged by the person to whom it was assigned. Most of the time, this happens automatically when the person makes an entry on the Help Request. (Technicians can also manually acknowledge an item and get back to it later if they are busy with something else.)

This simple mechanism eliminates a whole set of situations - especially assignment to people who later become unavailable - that can cause service level agreement failures. It flags the request early so that it can be re-assigned and completed within the original time allotment.

We have some features that help assign items to the right person and avoid people who are on vacation, but in the real world requests get assigned in error or overlooked (no matter how many devices your techs have clipped to their belts). Tracking the acknowledge event is an efficient method that keeps items from falling through the cracks when all else fails.

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